Australian Raptor Care and Conservation Inc. (ABN 76 955 891 065)

a non-government, not-for-profit, entirely volunteer community-based organisation based in the Southern Highlands of NSW

Formed by a group of people with relevant experience, and an overriding passion, to have a positive impact on raptor rehabilitation techniques utilised in Australia.

The ultimate aim is to share knowledge of best husbandry practice and maximise survival rates post release.

As individuals, we have already made significant progress towards our goals, but individuals alone have limited reach and power. As a group now we magnify our strengths, and we can and will make a difference.

There are significant but exciting challenges ahead, and with more support including yours,  the possibility of a better outcome for the raptors that come into care all over Australia every day becomes more achievable with every dollar we receive.

Whether you are an existing raptor carer, a vet wanting to expand or share your knowledge of specialist raptor techniques, a scientist, a school or just someone who loves and appreciates our magnificent athletes of the skies, we invite you to be a supporter.

We Need Your Support!
The following projects require serious funding to achieve satellite tracking of released birds. The estimate for research & implementation of a satellite tracking program $25,000 ($2,500 per tracker). Currently, nobody knows if raptors in long-term care and rehabilitation survive and thrive in the wild after they are released.

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Your donation will help us be a part of Australia moving forwards towards the forefront of international standards.

Why donate to us?
ARCC Inc. has already initiated some exciting projects, including working on a data base to obtain and collate haematological and blood chemistry values in Australian raptors.Project title: Haematological and blood chemistry values in Wedge-Tailed Eagles (Aquila audax)

Ethic approval has been granted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the money has been kindly donated by the Association of Avian Veterinarians Australasian Committee Pty Ltd.