Thankyou Emma Biscoe

We have our first subscriber to the blog, hooray thanks Emma, and it is appropriate I feel, to say a little about her!

Emma Biscoe has just resigned as the sub editor at the Southern Highland News to take on the role of  digital producer with Sky news.

Emma has done some truly remarkable stories on our local wildlife, none more special in my eyes than the article she wrote on a wedge tailed eagle that had been caught by the back talon in a rabbit trap, and was subsequently released.

She has real compassion for, and interest in, our wildlife, wildlife carers and  conservation, and I think that was always evident in the stories she wrote for us. Always willing with tireless patience to make sure she not only had her details correct, but that the person she was writing the story for/about was entirely happy.  Her help and always ready smile won’t be forgotten.

May your new position be rewarding and fun Emma, life in Sydney exciting, and all the good things you deserve come your way.

We will miss you.

Peg McDonald

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  1. Emma April 24, 2015 at 1:01 pm #

    Oh Peggy you’re just too kind! I absolutely loved working with you and learning about birds of prey (and other sorts too of course!).

    Thank you for letting me be a part of the work you do, it truly was an honour to be there the day Charlie was released and witness the spectacular show he put on for us.

    What you do is so important and you’re one of the most inspiring and selfless people I’ve ever met, I’m always here if you need any assistance 🙂

    Keep up the incredible work and keep me in the loop! xx

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