Social interaction in the free flight aviary

While down completing the daily feeding and cleaning, in the mist, rain and cold, Mike and I were lucky enough to witness the extreme of interactions noted so far in the aviary. The Wedge-tailed Eagle and Brown Goshawk were sharing a perch and in sailed this recently fledged Black Shouldered Kite. Thinking he would perch in between them, as has been seen before, he surprised us by calmly landing in perfectly on the wedgies back, where he stayed for at least half an hour. The wedgie showed no sign at all of intolerance, except towards me when I moved a little closer to get the video you can see here too. The rain poured down as you can hear in the video, my camera got wet, we got soaked but what an experience!

So much to learn, and that we don’t understand.

The Black Shouldered Kite is yet to reach dispersal age, and as always Drs Debus and Olsen have been really helpful with that info.

To be continued………..Peg

Amazing tolerance & interaction - three's a crowd!

Amazing tolerance & interaction – three’s a crowd!


Amazing tolerance & interaction

No signs of distress or hostility

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