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The ARCC Inc committee would like to wish you a Happy New Year and to thank you for your continued support.

Our first blog post of the year was contributed by Melanie, and it was great to finally to meet her at Peg’s just before Christmas.

White-bellied Sea-eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) are Australia’s second largest bird of prey; similar in size to the Wedge-tailed Eagle, but with shorter wings and tail. The adults are very distinctive with white head and under parts and grey back, wings and tail. They are often found on the coast but are also seen far inland, along rivers and lakes.

This sea-eagle was photographed in 50km from the coast at Casino NSW, in the flying fox colony by the Richmond River. The local magpies and currawongs spotted it flying in and pursued it relentlessly. The flying foxes scattered every time it landed close to their roost. Finally the sea-eagle gave up on a potential feed and left, flying east, back the way it came.

Sea Eagle and Magpie


Sea Eagle and Flying Foxes

Sea Eagle and Flying Foxes

The second series of photos are of a nesting pair of sea eagles. We were lucky enough to observe a breeding pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles. The male kept watch on a higher branch while the female fed in the nest.  After some time, the fledged chick arrived, landed below the nest then made its way up. The female continued feeding for a while longer, then left the rest of the food for the chick. After a while, she flew and circled, hunting again. Apparently this pair use the nest every second year. It was an amazing experience to see this magnificent family in the wild.

Sea Eagle nest location

Sea Eagle nest location



Sea Eagle Nesting Pair


Sea eagle returning parent

A circling parent

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  1. Peg January 3, 2016 at 8:23 am #

    Thanks Mark and thanks Mel for the great story and images.
    We need a Sea Eagle cam for their next nesting period!!
    Happy New Year to all our team and followers, may 2016 see ARCC Inc rise even higher.
    Please feel free to send us any stories you would like posted.
    cheers, Peg

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