Grey Goshawk – Northern Tablelands

This young female grey goshawk was captured in a chook run in Guyra having caught a chicken for lunch. It is thought to be the same bird which had similar success in an open chook run Armidale.

The big question is: ‘what  do we do in cases like this?’  First I consulted the bird of prey network for their thoughts . Then Steve Debus for a correct ID as  in the book it was similar to the grey falcon image. I was also thinking it may have to be banded and relocated but if an adult bird there may be a mate.  I was relieved to be told  it was a juvenile just out on its own trying to survive. Interestingly it was further west of their normal range which should be  the forest areas on the eastern escarpment.  Its general condition was good but slightly underweight . We decided to feed her well  (it loved the UNE rats) , band then release when it had gained some weight .

This  was achieved so  the bird has been given another chance and released to hopefully find other goshawks  way out in the eastern wilderness area.

Such a beautiful bird.

Grey Goshawk - (photo provided)

Grey Goshawk – (photo provided)

Thanks to Julia Rose & Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers (NTWC) for sharing this story.

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