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Nankeen Kestrel Released

It is always lovely to see the birds go back out into the wild again, especially when they have had a fairly long stay in with what you would imagine would be a painful break. This little Nankeen Kestrel presented with a fractured scapula and after diagnosis via x-ray it was determined that we needed him to remain calm and quiet for several weeks in order for it to heal….. so it was into a 3m x 4m x 3m aviary for 5 weeks for him after his intensive care. The perfect patient – he remained calm, ate well, and his feathers stayed in top condition.

After re-examining and x-raying, Charlie determined that the scapula looked great, and he was give gradually moved up through the aviary system until he was strong enough to go into the large flight. Finding his wings again he flew beautifully, hovering and circling, eating well and catching crickets and even finding a poor local skink that ventured in. After consultation with Steve Debus, and as a dispersing juvenile he was soft released from the aviary here to find his way in life.

Whilst it took a while for him to depart, once he was out through the big aviary doors he gathered himself in a nearby tree for a couple of hours then went off into the open countryside here that borders onto the great Morton National Park.


Nankeen Kestral Perched Just Outside Flight Aviary


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More Baza Sightings

Hot on the heels of our recent post about the Baza release, we are lucky to have an environmentally pro active council here in the Southern Highlands. Wingecarribee Shire Council Environmental Projects Officer Joe Stammers, has just recently reported a sighting of seven Pacific Baza (pronounced Barza not Bazza) on the northern fringes of Mittagong.

Combined with three that have come into care from our area in the last six months, it shows these delightful members of the raptor family seem to be calling the Highlands home.


Pacific Baza



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Thankyou Emma Biscoe

We have our first subscriber to the blog, hooray thanks Emma, and it is appropriate I feel, to say a little about her!

Emma Biscoe has just resigned as the sub editor at the Southern Highland News to take on the role of  digital producer with Sky news.

Emma has done some truly remarkable stories on our local wildlife, none more special in my eyes than the article she wrote on a wedge tailed eagle that had been caught by the back talon in a rabbit trap, and was subsequently released.

She has real compassion for, and interest in, our wildlife, wildlife carers and  conservation, and I think that was always evident in the stories she wrote for us. Always willing with tireless patience to make sure she not only had her details correct, but that the person she was writing the story for/about was entirely happy.  Her help and always ready smile won’t be forgotten.

May your new position be rewarding and fun Emma, life in Sydney exciting, and all the good things you deserve come your way.

We will miss you.

Peg McDonald

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Baza Release

This adult Pacific Baza was rescued by a member of the public after being found sitting disorientated in the middle of the road. It was taken to the vet and after a thorough examination with x-rays and eyes checked, it was diagnosed as only suffering from concussion. After a few days rest with fluids and food it was released back where it was found.

Pacific Bazas are Australia’s only crested hawk. They are found mainly in coastal and sub-coastal areas of northern and eastern Australia, and only recently have been seen in greater numbers around the Southern Highlands. They are gentle raptors who feed on large insects and occasionally frogs, lizards and native figs.

baza 1a-lighten



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