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Newsletter March 2015

Hi all,

I hope this finds everyone well and eager for news from ARCC Inc!

To try and minimise typing I will summarise and be brief, but please be assured all is well and birds are coming and going – still – at a phenomenal rate.

In care currently are two Wedge-tailed Eagles, a Brown Falcon, Kestrel, Peregrine and Powerful Owl. All are going well and the Powerful Owl especially has come a very long way from my last report. A visit to the vet ophthalmologist gave her eye and unexpected excellent prognosis, and that problem has all but resolved now. The Peregrine, from Burradoo, has lost the nail off the distal phalange and the  periosteum is visible. A nasty injury especially for a Peregrine, but repairable.


The young Brown Falcon has a nasty fracture in her humerous and is due to go back to Goulburn to the initial treating vet tomorrow.

Brown Falcon

Brown Falcon

Whilst not a bird of prey, Gang Gang no 16 from this year will hopefully be the first to be released after the dreadful run of fatalities we have had. He is a young male from this year, hit by a car. He has some sort of lung issue that is responding to treatment so let’s hope for a good outcome.

Dave and Jennifer Harker took the Black Falcon back to Grenfell following a successful tail feather imping by Charlie, and consultation with Steve Debus as to food supplies and suitable release times. A hopefully happy end to a long history of various internments, and Dave assures me she flew off like a Rocket.

Black Falcon & Whistling Kite

Black Falcon & Whistling Kite

Dave and Jennifer also returned the Swamp Harrier back down the coast to her point of recovery.

Swamp Harrier

Swamp Harrier

The juvenile Whistling Kite with ruptured air sacs and a broken pelvis was also released, as were all the juvenile Kestrels and Hobbys.

Of the 28 birds in care so far this year 5 remain in care, 1 died (Goshawk with tick) 4 were euthanased ( 3 barb wire Boobooks and Powerful Owl with spinal trauma) and the rest will hopefully go on to live long lives.

Masses of thanks to Charlie Carter, and Ellen from afar, whose interest and increasing expertise are making our symbiotic relationship with our goal fly higher all the time.

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ARCC Inc Website Launched

We are extremely pleased to launch the ARCC Inc website. Please subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the latest news.



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